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My Harris Elementary School drawings and posters were just a start. These evolved into doodles of my high school algebra teacher, and then I honed my design skillset in college. I earned an AAS from McDowell Tech, a BFA from Western Carolina University (Magna Cum Laude), and a MFA from East Tennessee State University.


Positions as graphic designer, PostScript service bureau manager, and art director led to my own graphic design studio, Great Scott Design. (Great Kerry Design just didn’t have the same ring.) Twelve-and-a-half years of happy clients later, I decided to extend my graphic reach by educating rising designers—but I still work with happy clients.

Kerry Scott Jenkins: graphic designer, graphic design professor.


I began creating designs and winning awards in the third grade. I officially started my professional career after earning two degrees in graphic design. To make this story web length, I have been a designer since 1985, and a graphic design professor since 2007. (The latter venture made possible with my third design degree.) My specialties are identities, publications, and also interactive design, such as the site you’re viewing.


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Pegasus Creations

103 Brook Haven Drive, Spruce Pine NC 28777




East Tennessee State University

Box 70708, Dept. of Art & Design, Johnson City TN 37614




East Tennessee State University

Box 70708, Dept. of Art & Design, Johnson City TN 37614



People are constantly connected these days with their Tweety Pages and Facey Spaces. But, the best way to contact me is with the vintage tool of e-mail. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep me from replying, … just a power outage.


Do you have a project where you would like design, illustration, or other creative input? E-mail me some notes. I’ll send you back a proposal, free of charge. Internationally-awarded design without agency overhead or retainers. What’s not to like?



I have some commonsensical thoughts within my philosophies on design and teaching. You may also want to peruse my curriculum vitae, which should qualify my authorship of said philosophies. A downloadable PDF version—or as the Greeks called it: portable tabellæ forma—is available for both documents via the previous textual links.

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